Yaradi Nee Mohini : [Movie][Review]

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Yaradi Nee Mohini : [Movie][Review]

Post  Valampuri on Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:13 am

asu (Dhanush) is an unsophisticated suburban lad with average intelligence and an easy attitude. He does not care about acquiring prestigious degrees and is too relaxed to hunt for jobs. His current business is merry-making which he does well with a gang of his friends. Easily misled and completely irresponsible, his parents dismiss him as worthless. Then Vasu gets a job offer and meets a girl at a bus stop. Next day, when he appears for the job, Vasu is pleasantly surprised to find the same girl Keerthi (Nayantara) as his associate. Vasu feels happy and blessed. He is in bliss in every moment of her company, basking in the goodness of her presence. Watch the Movie and catch up the action.


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