Important tips : Gained by Experience [Tips]

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Important tips : Gained by Experience [Tips]

Post  Valampuri on Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:31 am

Here are some tips that I need to tell you which I myself discovered during the placements. I didnt copy these tips from somewhere and pasted here. Its all out of my and my friend's recent experiences.So spend 5 minutes to read them.

#1. Make sure you have mentioned atleast a project or paper presentation in your resume. Being a CS
student it is an important criteria and you have marks for that.

#2. Do not mention a weird or below level kind of project. That would set you back. At this point, you can have the option of mentioning any of your friend's project. Because no one is gonna ask you to
present it then. But in any case, be thorough with all the modules of the project and the logic of
programs and scripts. You need not learn the codings.

#3. Do not mention anything new or unknown stuffs in resume. In case you do, be ready to give up a story if you are questioned on it.

#4. Be prepared to answer why you choosed that particular subject as your area of interest. You can
mention a minimum of 1 Area of interest. Mentioning more may land you into trouble.

#5. Take the interview into your own way by including keywords whose answers you are well known
with. Be strong in your area of interest.

#6. If you are unsure or do not know any answer, be frank and accept that you dont know saying that you
are a bit nervous and unable to recall. But make sure you dont neglect questions for more than two or
three times.

#7. Be prepared with other general questions. the most important of all which many forget under tension
SPEAKING AS YOU SPESK TO A FRIEND. This will make him happy and give you a
psychological advantage.
Remember first impression is the best impression.

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